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Day 4... new make-up :)



Jiba Jabba Jabber: <---- thats funny ... haha :doubt:

Ps. If you don't want to read about my Bad beginning of the day and ending happy, read the last two mini paragraphs... kinda random but don't you think everything mini is just cuter then the bigger version?!

For some reason last night I just DID NOT want to sleep... I'm surprised I didn't fall asleep because from 11:00 to 4:00 in the morning I, half awake stared at my t.v. and watched the weird shows that are on t.v. early in the mornin! :( Today, I was super cranky cause I woke pretty early (8:00 ish... I've been on spring break) and was soooo cranky! Church had a really good message today about, "what is truth" which I liked a bunch. Then... wait for it... I went to the mall with my mom, dad and aunt! :( I rarely go to the mall and get stuff thats not with my own money... I felt really loved because out of no where my mom just decided to spend a little money on me, which made me feel like that because it is a bad economy and like most middle class families, my family is learning to survive in this economy.... ANYway, my mom got me some make-up from NARS to cover up my acne on this journey with accutane. :(

Make-up for when on accutane: NARS: Mont Blanc Sheer Glow, Pearl Beach cream eyeshadow (which is really pretty... it has a purple hue.. and many other hues on looks really pretty on blue eyes), Orgasm blush (which made me wonder why they named it that.... I won't go there) and a small kit called Tinted Love which is a lip, cheek and nail set.

Acne: I have three small red pimples right under my eyebrow, the black heads on my nose and chin are starting to come out!!! YAY those have been on my face since 4th grade! On my cheeks I can see bumps that might turn into pimples which that will be fun. For about 2 days now a pimple has been right by my nostril but it doesn't have a head... It hurts to touch and is sore anyway if I don't touch it... Tmi. Basically am I getting a IB on day 4? Is that possible?

Side Effects:My back hurts when I sit in the car too long or turn weird, have weird sleeping habits and a loss of appatite. Lovely

~ Beauty is Pain! <3


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