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Day Three



I started Spiro two days ago— today is day three. My dermatologist prescribed it when he finally realized that I was still breaking out with little cysts during my period, which I'd told him over and over was a problem. It's 50 mg, once a day, which after doing some reading on this board seems too low to be effective. People have seen their best results at 100-!50 mg. I'm about 95 pounds, though, so I'm unsure about upping my dosage.

I've been prescribed Yasmin, but I'm too scared to start it. Right now, my problem area is my chin: redness from rosacea, clusters of blackheads, a good-sized under-the-surface whitehead that won't budge, and a lot tiny under-the-surface bumps along the sides of my jaw. New today is a hard painful pustule on my chin. I also suffer from acne rosacea on my cheeks and nose (I've just switched to metrocream), and clogged pores and blackheads on my nose.


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