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Day 87 - looking good:)



All my cyst have finally dried up and all that's left are the red scars....right now I can live with that. :(

My nose continues to hurt like hell. But if that's what it takes to have clear skin then so be it!

Joint and muscle pain is under control.

That's all for now. :doubt:


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Hi! i have been reading through your blogs the past few days and I can totally relate! I am on day 56 of oratane treatment and am feeling very despondant as I've seen no change! I have minimal dryness apart from my nose and lips and my t-zone continues to stay oily!!!I was on 30mg per day and my doctor recently doubled the dosage to 60mg per day last week. So far I've seen no change and have now had a massive breakout all over my chin before the monthlys. My acne is very much hormanal related and Iv been struggling ever since I hit puberty. Nothing seems to work long term - have tried just about everything there is so oratane is pretty much my last option. Im 24 and have really had enough of this constant struggle!!!!Is there any hope for us who have not seen any results after two months of treatment? Some people say im been hasty and others say the meds really should have shown some difference by now.As for side effects, my lower back is really killing me! Has gotten so much worse since iv been on the 60mg per day dosage. Oh and im very emotional lately - just burst into tears at the sight of my terrible looking skin :(Do you have any motivational words?? I see that you are finally starting to clear now after 3 months - that must be an amazing feeling :-

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I totally understand you! I am 31 and have acne like I'm 15! It's almost like you can't feel like a real woman....I always stare and look at other peoples faces and wish I had what they have...a face that is clear and beutiful.... :- At month two of my treatment I still had not seen ANY improvement. And now on month 3 and after an increase to 80mg a day I can finally say I see the light! STICK WITH IT! Accutane is one of those medicines that work once your treatment is over. I have seen many vedeos on U Tube of people on accutane who were much worse off then me and they actually started clearing up after the 6 months treatment was over. Accutane works differently on everyone is what I have seen. There are ppl who after there 1st month see results. I AM NOT ONE OF THEM....My derm tells me to keep going and see what happens at the end....That's all we can do....I think she will be very surprised to see that I am still not dry...and I continue to have an oily Tzone...I will post and let you know what she would like to do....GOOD LUCK! AND DON"T QUIT!!!! I am 100 percent sure we will GET CLEAR SKIN AFTER IS ALL SAID AND DONE!

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