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7 weeks on oratane treatment



After what seems a lifelong struggle with acne since the age of 13, my doctor decided to resort to the last treatment option - oratane. I have tried everything - antibiotics, creams, birth control pills but everything only helped for limited periods. I have a very persistant type of moderate acne, which has decided to permanently locate itself on my chin and jawline area. I am now 24 and have been fighting this battle for for 11 years and am hoping and praying for the day that comes when I do not have to worry about another pimple ever again!

7 weeks back i started my oratane treatment - 30mg per day. My doctor was not happy with my initial progress so doubled my daily dosage to 60mg. I have been on the 60mg per day treatment for a week now and have just had a massive breakout. The doc said he will review the progress in another two weeks. I am very worried as my t-zone is still quite oily and I am not experiencing much dryness apart from the lips. I have however been feeling rather emotional lately and my lower back is very sore :( I seem to just burst into tears very easily from looking at my terrible skin in the mirror!

Can anyone tell me when my skin will really start to dry? I have been told that this a a loooooong process before the results are visible but I am just so scared that the treatment is not working as this is my very last option!!!


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