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Day 3 :)



Kenzi Jabber: Ello! I'm not British but... Ello :( I drunk 2 water bottles :dance: and a rootbeer :doubt: . Is it true that it's good to drink a ton of water while on accutane? if so why?

Acne/Skin: The gross stuff that has been under my skin for who knows how long is starting to come to the surface of my skin... Gross :( . My lips are not chapped so that's great :( . I noticed that my old scars seemed more visable today which was kinda a bummer, but that nothing make up and cover up! Well good luck to all you accutane people and bye bye for now!!!

~ Beauty is Pain <3

I play the violin ------> :( <-------- Awesome huh?

ps: Don't you just love animated smiley faces


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