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Day 1...sorta



Ahola beautiful peeps!

Haha just trying to be cheerful. Though my face isn't looking exactly pleasant. Well I suppose that because I was picking at it I deserved a few nice little red dots. Next to my huge pores on my forehead and chin I got a zit (hate the word pimple and I rarely use it) near my mouth which feels like a cyst but i know its just swelled because its in a sensitive area. But still thats not good and I got a small cyst (thank you doxy for shrinking that sucker) on the right of my chin which I of course was like, "Is it a cyst? Should I pop it?" I took a shower and I could tell it had stuff in it so I added a little pressure, just checking, and I did manage to easily get all the gunk out but now of course I got a nice hole that needs scabbing so those 2 things are probably the most noticeable things on my face. Then of course I have a small inflamed white head on the side of my chin and I have 2 small red bumps that were big pores that I scratched off.

I sound like a really violent person who picks at their face so much but I try my best not to and I find i don't really scar. Lucky me. If a big nodule or cyst goes boom (ew) however I find a dark spot that thankfully fades.

It feels rather odd describing my facial issues on the internet I gotta say. But I suppose that is why the site was created.

I'm thinking of getting a facial. My mom says that I'd have to pay for it myself. I really need to have this because my pores if I smile look like little white hills. So does anyone have a job I can do thats worth fifty dollars?? I'm desperate. Haha well not that desperate but I really think it might be beneficial.

Forgive me if I'm not constant with my days. Day 2 my really be day 20 because I'm lazy. I'll probably title it something a bit more creative then "Day..." since they won't really be accurate. Besides tomorrow I'll be in the car for 7 hours so I'll probably be consuming an unhealthy amount of junk food and not being able to use the computer. Eh we'll see.

Get clear and be happy! :(


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