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Initial Posting



What's up, my fellow tormentee's?

I'm brand new to this site and I guess I'm looking to vent and both give/receive advice. I have 4 pitted scars on my right cheek ranging in size from 2-3.5mm. I just want to quickly add that I go to a cosmetic surgeon specializing in dermatology. He (allegedly) is one of the top docs in New England, he even teaches at an ivy league school and has written 2 books on cosmetic surgery and dermatology. I first saw him last July and he recommended TCA Cross on my cheek, so I did it. Twice. No results, not even minimal. That was $300 x 2. Keep in mind that like anyone reading this, my scars greatly bother me. I'm sure I believe that they are worse than they really are, but I see what I see. I did some research and we decided on doing Punch Excisions on them. Last month I did 3 at $200 each. When I went back to get the stitches removed, we Excised the remaining pitted scar. At the time of me writing this, the stitch from the last excision is still in my cheek. My problem is that the 3 scars I did first are still indented. Is this normal? He says everyone's skin heals in its own way and I shouldn't worry, but I am VERY wordiest. I had such hope that this treatment would take, and now I'm not so sure. The stitches have been out less than 2 weeks and the scars look the same or a little worse than they did prior to the Excision. He prescribed me retin-a micro 0.4% and gave me a bottle of alpha hydroxy acid 15% to use in a couple of weeks, but I may not use them. I go back on April 5'th toget the last stitch removed, so I'll talk to him then. Anyone have any stories or advice? Funny thing is I never really had acne. It seems like these damned pits came outta nowhere! Anyways, what's up people?


Hey I'm in the New England area looking for a Dr. that does TCA cross. Could you tell me who your Dr. is? thanks!

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