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Two Weeks In



Two week mark has come and gone now and i am Day 15. It would be nice if i could look at my face and say there is some improvement but no there is none. I have taken pictures to ark this point in my journey and i just pray to God with all my heart that one day i can look back and see how far i have come. But for now, it feels as though i am exactly where i was two weeks ago....and that's pimple and acne ville!

The only thing that is a constant reminder of the change going on in my body are the ever present side-effects. The muscle and joint aches that bothered in the 1st week have completely sided and what stays with me are the general "dry-out" effects.

My philosophy though is definately prevention is better than cure. So i have made a short list of common symptoms and ways to combat them from start to finish!

Dry Lips - Blistex DCT apply on the hour or as frequently as needed

Dry eyes - artificial tears 3 times a day (am, pm and before bed)

dry itchy skin - moisturise whole body twice a day with vaseline intensive care aloe vera cream NOT lotion

dry nose - line nasal passages with vaseline jelly using an ear bud before bed.

possibility of weight gain - regular exercise i.e. 4-5 times a week

Dry itchy face - Exfoliac Reconstructive cream for isotretinoin users

One thing is for sure Oratane is expensive but what is expensive is not really the treatment itself but rather the treatment of the side-effects. So basically my 1st 2 weeks on Oratane have cost me R400-R450.00 and that EXCLUDING the cost of Oratane itself!!!

But I pray it will be worth it in the end. I am trying not to be ashamed of my face. I sed to love it. but i found myself beginning to not want to go out or trying to use my hair to cover it or talking to people without really looking at them so they dont see my face. People ask, whats going on with ur face? did you react to something? are you having an allergic reaction? and those questions kill me inside! but I am strong and confident woman! and im not about to let acne change that!!not without a fight!

Please God, grant me patience and strength during this time! That's all for now folks!


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