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Mardh 31



Ok, so my underchin outbreak is going down. But the redmarks are still there. I have one white pimple right on top of a red mark. I also have two two tiny tiny white pimples. I have not popped a zit in 2 months. So thats a good thing. Okay so yesterday I I went out and bought Phillips Colon Health wich contains fiber and probiotics. I feel my acne is internal, something is going on and I dont' know. I just know that I do have constipation and trouble with bowel movements. Plus I have hemrroids, so this could be a sign that I just wasn't paying any attention to. I guess my diet pretty much sucks because I eat out a lot. I DO EAT HEATHLY THOUGH. Since I'm on a diet, I stay away from fattening foods..anything that is fried or greasy. I don't each MCdonalds, or Burgerking, or Wendys. I mainly eat a buffets. So I get a change to pick and choose. I also stay away from sweets most of the time. And I'm staying away from soda.

Anyways I took the Colon Health thingy last night, this moriing my stomach was making funny noises. I felt I had heartburn. At around 11a.m. I went #2. It smelled and looked a bit different. I just hope at least something is happening to better my digestive track or clean my colon.

I again took some at lunch. I see what happens.


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