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Day 152



I am still not completely rid of my acne. My face is totally clear which is amazing, but on my neck and back I still have very red and painful cysts. I'm slightly dissapointed that I'm not completely clear of my acne coming up to month 6, but many dermatologists have told me that this is normal and that most people are not completely clear by the end of month 6. I think it is worth keeping in mind that I started on very low doses, 10mg for the first month, 20mg the second, 30 the third, 40 the fourth and fifth months, and on the 23/03 I increased my dosage to 60 mg as I approach month 6. For my body weight which is over 80mg this progression for increasing my dose has been very slow.

Emotionally I'm a little melancholic but my humour is better than ever and getting through the daily grind is so much easier. I rarely feel the intense anxiety I felt constantly at the beginning of my journey, when there were times I felt so hideous I couldn't bear going outside. But now I am relatively comfortable and go about my day fairly painlessly. I am doing well academically having received offers from some good Uni's to study English in Septembre and I'm on track preparing for my exams. Though I have many days where I will accomplish nothing, laziness will get the better of me and I won't lift my pen the whole day. I find it easier to concentrate with the increase of confidence I have gained as my acne has cleared up. I have been comfort eating and it has really helped a lot with my anxiety but I've put on an astonishing amount of weight since I started taking Accutane. I've gone from an athletic build to FAT. I used to run 800m on track and now I'm a porker. But at least my skins clear, fat is easy to get rid of whereas acne sticks with you like super glue.



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If you're still having problems with dryness and haven't found a good product get double base gel. You can purchase it from Boots or any chemist. Good luck!

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