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Soda drinking and gas stations.... my new little theory of positivity.



Okay so maybe this just works for me....

For Lent I decided to give up soda which I have been drinking a lot of since my school has fending machines. Whether to be happy or sad about that I don't know. Anyway not drinking soda won't magically cure anything as I am sure you will all agree but I have discovered that cutting off soda at least makes yourself feel good.

I say this because if there is someone with acne who drinks a lot soda, while the skin won't drastically improve, your energy may perk up, causing you to be more positive and not be depressed about your skin more. I find when your depressed your skin seems worse then usual.

I drink a lot of orange juice and Izzies ( kinda like.... naturalish... sparking...ish.. juices...) They are a good substitute. And of course a lot of water! Green tea helps too.

For some reason my skin doesn't feel as greasy and my body doesn't feel as yucky. This is a good thing because now I have more energy and get out of the house and get some sun ( heard the big yellow star in the sky helps, but sun burn is unpleasant, especially if your me and it looks like a 4 year old drew all over you with red marker )

Now about gas stations. This is something I love and a little thing that I thought of for the people who are worried about how others view them with their acne.

First off my family always go to our cabin every long weekend we get and its a nice boring 7 hour drive. The point is we visit a lot of gas stations. The reason why I like gas stations is because (food) they give a person who usually doesn't wear make up during long car rides a chance to be themselves.

The idea is that on a long car ride NO ONE at the gas station knows who you are. Whatever you say or do ( I encourage happy things that aren't illegal and make the person smile ) won't matter because you leave in a matter of minutes. So Ella what are you trying to say?

Well at school or in a lot of people's cases work, they are around people that know them or see them often. In school I see a lot of the same people and if my face is bad one day I worry how they will point it out on the next. The good thing about going to a gas station a while's away is that no one knows you, they'll most likely forget you, and when you can leave you can think "Huh wow I hope they didn't notice my face. Doesn't matter I won't see them again." And when your nice to the cashier or a traveler you aren't worried about your face, your happy you made them smile.

I've been to so many gas stations and its nice to know that while I'm constantly focused on my skin the people you meet for five seconds won't remember you for that. :doubt:

That's why if your someone who suffers from depression and don't get out I suggest, though its crazy, to so something like that. Your skin may be bad but when you leave the station you think, "Hey why's their opinion matter, I'll never see them again." Only on a rare occasion you might but hey that's highly doubtable.

I really hope this helps and hope you don't think I wasted your time.

Please don't hate me I am just a child.

Best of luck with your beautiful selves! :(


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