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First and Foremost



Well hello there!

Haha welcome to Ella's personal little blog. This will be my first time blogging so forgive me if I'm not particularly good at it. :( A little about me before I begin. Call me Ella. ( I'm not up for giving my real name to strangers, hope you understand) I'm a freshman. I love reading philosophy, I train horses, and I adore piano! I have had acne since I was 11.

So starting today I will be blogging the ups and downs of my complexion. I'll try to make it as entertaining as possible so no one hates me.

Well as of yesterday my skin is improving. I don't have very severe skin but I get the occasional cyst and nodule but since I am taking meds that has improved slightly. (I am taking 100 mg of doxycycline which has reduced and shrunk my cysts. I suggest it for anyone with mild acne)

But since oh gee a week okay I got 3 small cysts. One on my cheek, one near my mouth, and one on my forehead. And since I have the mind of a toddler I tried to pop them. So I got some nice scabbing going on but thats slowly coming off with just little red marks that slowly fade. Its a miracle that haven't scarred.

So I guess you can see that I am improving but I wan't to get all my clogged pores that look like mini white heads gone. I'm gonna slowly work my way up. The first step is to not touch and pop any zits which is VERY hard. Haha I'll get there. (Psh probably not)

So if anything drastic occurs or my face gets better I'll let you know. Though I doubt anyone will actually read this and I'm just talking to myself. :doubt: Nah. Anyway let me know your thoughts. I'll post more on another time. Thank you for reading and good luck!


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