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Hi guys, I've decided to create this blog in order to motivate myself (& hopefully others) to stop picking! I've recently within the last month admitted to myself that I have a problem. I pick at my skin, specifically my acne. I've done it since I can remember. It sprouts from some idea in my head that if I somehow pop the zit and drain it, the pimple will go away faster. This is obviously not the case & I'm left with scabs & red marks. I'm hurting my skin & most likely causing new pimples to form and spread around the areas I have picked at. I've noticed I pick more in times of stress & anxiety and I believe after tons of research that my picking is most likely a form of ocd. I should also note that I am on retin-a micro and picking is especially bad for me because of how much thinner and more sensitive it makes the skin. I'm in my 5 week now and am in the IB period where everything is coming out and I have a ton of zits. Much more than i am used to & it is just so hard not to pick at all the white heads and new pimples. Infact a couple of hours ago I did a real # on my face which prompted me to make this blog in the first place, I NEED TO STOP!

My first challenge to myself is 5 days NO picking!!!!!!

let the games begin :(


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