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4.5 months post accutane - warning to anyone!



So ive been off tane 4.5 months now.. as far as my skin goes im relatively happy, i get the odd pimple here and there, but its nothing like before, its fine, i can deal you know..

but i wanted to let anyone know that some side effects may NOT go away .. 4.5 months later i still have chapped lips, more so on the corners and edges of my lips..

This gets very red AND painful unless frequently moisturised, and to be honest i havent found a chapstick that is satisfactory to make my lips normal. After eating, my outer lips are burning.

So let me tell you, i thought i wouldnt get any on going side effects, but this has proven to be a real problem .. i thought it was going to go away after the course so i took my chances.. now nearly 5 months after im still having to deal with a side effect which is very uncomfortabe.

Just really ask yourself if its worth taking that chance, cos right now i just dont know if it was worth taking that chance anymore..

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I'm sorry you didn't have the best experience. I've been off for 5 months now, and I'm doing really well. My lips are not chapped and I have not gotten any pimples My skin is starting to get a little oily, but not bad. I am sad that I have to go bad to washing my hair every day now, and my hair seems to have gotten curlier, when it was just mildly wavy before.

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