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My Regimen + Getting discouraged



So I thought I would write down my routine here to keep track of everything:

Morning and Night:

-2 pumps of DKR Cleanser, 10 seconds (pat dry and wait 15 minutes)

-3 pumps of DKR BP Treatment (wait 15 minutes or until dry)

-3 pumps of DKR Moisturizer with 5-6 drops of jojoba oil (let dry)

I haven't been wearing any make-up or putting anything else on my face since I've been on The Regimen.

My neck is starting to heal but it is still noticeably dry and itchy.

My friend: "You're flaking."

Thanks, I can see/feel that, lol.

I don't really care about how my face looks in public right now. I've survived through the worst acne ever so I guess it made me see beyond people's appearances to their true character. Plus, I don't really care what anyone else thinks. It's how you feel about yourself that matters.

Anyway, I've been faithfully doing The Regimen and I'm getting a little discouraged. The dryness is really starting to bother me. I haven't seen much improvement in the dryness even though I am moisturizing with the DKR moisturizer and have been adding the jojoba oil to it.

I've been following the DKR regimen to the T. Being extra gentle, drying my face with a clean towel every time, morning and night. I even change out my pillowcase once a week!

I've been trying to eat more fruits/vegetables and drink more water. Not necessarily to help with acne, but just to be healthier.

So far, I haven't seen much improvement on my face except for smaller pores/blackheads on my nose (which always has blackheads, lol). I think my face would have more acne if I wasn't doing DKR, though. It hasn't flared up as bad as usual which I guess means its working.

As far as active acne, I still can feel the lump under my right cheek and I have a new painful pimple on my right temple. I also have this stubborn pimple-like cyst on my right jawline that I can't pop/won't die!!!! I get that sucker extra good with the BP, HAHA.

So, still gonna trudge on with this thing. Hopefully by summer the dryness goes away and my face starts to look decent.


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