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Hey all.

If you were keeping up with my blog, I took a week off and relaxed over spring break. I am now hopefully back in the routine of writing my blog.

Well first of all, over the break I was not consistant with my vitamin supplementation... Yikes. And wouldn't you know it, ACNE is back! if was never really gone, but seriously, all my hard work before has kinda been for nothing. Subconsciously, I guess, I wanted to see if the vitamins were the ones providing the extra boost to not have acne. Without reservations, YES!

I now believe in this. I do feel I am lacking some other sorts of nutrients in my diet, however. I have started to target these food groups that contain these good things, and am going on a green tea cleanse as well this week. Walnuts, I have found, are very high in omega 3. Also, almonds are very good for your health, and I have started incorporating these things into my diet, just for kicks. I would like to learn how to get all this nutrition through food alone, but unfortunately I do not think it is a reasonable goal. I do not have the willpower or fortitude to construct three perfect meals a day everyday unfortunately...

So my returning acne along with my failure of consistency proves to me that this system is working out. I continue to wash and BP 2x daily, and have not used the AHA for fear of messing something up in my system. Possibly next week if things are looking great.

My skin is alright now, definitely better than pre vitamins, but not as good as I have had it in my recent success. If it is two things you should buy right now and start taking, ZINC AND OMEGA 3! What is there to loose. I challenge anyone to start this up, and make your own blog about your experience with supplementation. Could be a game changer, really. I can only speak for myself, but I was told over and over again it is not your diet that causes acne, but I now very much doubt that statement.

On a ending note, I do not doubt that topical treatments work for people, but for me I have had limited success. For people like me who have an open mind and are willing to cough up some money(god knows you have spent 100's on creams and such) for vitamins, I am a huge advocate. And no, I am not paid by anyone to post this stuff :(


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