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Day 7



Today marks 1 week I've been on my new regimen and I must say I'm pretty pleased. I've only had one small pimple appear all week which is pretty good for me as I usually get 2 or 3 a week, sometimes more. It seems the healing of the existing pimples has slowed though. In the first few days they were noticably smaller every day but in the past few days there all almost completly gone, but I can still see the marks they've left behind (hopefully theyre not done healing and these will go away and not contribute to hyperpigmentation :( )

Also, so far the ACV may have lightened my marks but I'm not sure if I'm just thinking they are or if they actually are lightening. One thing is for sure it is drying my skin like crazy and on both sides of my chin and nostrals are a little flaky. But I think my skin just needs to get used to it and I just need to be sure to moisturize.

I'm going to post new pictures on my album tomorrow morning because I just dont feel like doing it right now.

Update soon!


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hi! i was wondering how you got to take spironolactone...im 16, my dr says i might be too young to take spiro, however i KNOW that my acne flares up when i get my period.what did you do to get spiro? did you go to the obgyn, regular doctor or derm?thanks!!

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yea I just went to my derm. and that was what he suggested I take. It might be because of your age that your doc doesn't want you to take it because I know the spiro messes with your hormons. I read somewhere while I was researching it that some docs won't prescribe it to people under 24 (I'm only 20 :- ) but maybe he/she just wants you to wait until your a little older and done developing so it doesn't effect you negativly in the long term.

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