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My acne story - please read! :)



Okay, so I'm pretty new to this site... infact I joined today haha.

The story being I've had acne since I was in year 6, (11 years old) I'm now 16 years old, and I still have it despite undergoing pretty much every medicine and cream the doctors have here, everything off the shelf - name it, I've tried it. It's so degrading as a girl to have acne, everytime you look at someone you feel as if you can't look them in the eye because you think they are looking at your skin. Some days I avoid looking in the mirror because I hate to see this horrible, complexion looking back at me. Other days I even avoid going to school because I feel utterly depressed caused by my acne. Last time I went to the docs (who specialises in skin care) he put me on 'the pill' that is aimed to clear up your skin, this was my last pill I could try before I'd tried every single one.. I'm now on my third month of this pill, and unfortunetly I've seen no improvement at all. I do a fair amount of research about acne, and according to the facts on the net and what my doctor said, I've developed 'resistant acne' and the next drug I'm getting put on is Accutane which I've also read a lot about too... I'm so willing to go on it, yet I'm pretrified of the side effects. As I'm starting sixth form in a different school in September and I keep saying to myself, what if people don't exept me because of my acne? I know how people judge, people who don't suffer from acne just don't understand... they seem to think that we don't wash our skin enough. I feel like saying to them, 'if only, you could understand' But to be honest, stuff the people that think like we are different because of our skin, if they judge like that they clearly aren't worthy of my time, it's just that hurts when people judge you like that... It hurts. -right in the cheat area? you know! haha. anyway, I have some really good friends who luckily enough actually do understand as one of my best friends also suffers from acne, and the other suffers from psroriasis.. it's so nice to have people in the same boat. Kinda hence why I joined this site. I'll be writing more blogs as my treatment goes ahead... thank you for reading :( peace out, beckbeck' <3 Incase you already didn't know guys, i also did this as a post... ooooops! ah well.


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