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Fructose malabsorption and/or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)



Even if Ketosis was the answer, which i don't think it was, it's not for me.

But it did show whata difference diet can make to your guts.

On the Ketosis diet i was shitting very hard poos, almost pellet like some times, no wiping required. But the second i started eating carbs again these soon stopped and i was back to sloppy joes again.

This proves to me what i am eating is affecting my guts proably linked to my intestinal bacteria.

My last chance for ever working out what is causing my acne is now fully exploring the intestinal bacteria link, if that's possible.

I have worked out that probiotics such as supplements and yogurt, saurkrauet etc are very bad for my skin. This has led me to think maybe i already have too much bacteria.

I want to try a diet out for Fructose malabsorption which basically mens zero fructose and fructans for a while and if that doesn't work maybe cosnider Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) .


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