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Mederma cream is working! :)



Okay the blemishes on my face are healing but its the same old story.. the bp totally dries the area where the pimple was leaving these ugly patches of super dry skin. No matter how much I mosturize. Blah.. at least I have no more new blemishes on my face. I think my skin is still getting used to Dans bp gel. I hope I did the right thing by changing products from my 10% bp cream that my skin was used to.

Oh! on a positive note.. Mederma is really working for my scars on my chest. I can slowly see them fading away :(


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Hey, I was curious about using the mederma cream as well, but for my face. Have you used it on your face or only your chest? I'm afraid it will be another thing that could break me out....I'm in the same boat as you with the minor breakouts that dry up but why the heck can they just never come back? haha

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sorry, i'm new to this site, and not sure if this is how you leave a comment, but i'm definitely curious about the mederma product as well. have not decided to purchase because i have not really read much from people that still suffer acne and are using it. can you comment more on your use of it? thanks! :-

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