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After Week 3



I've now been taking 40mg twice a day for 3 weeks. I'm getting used to the dryness of skin (face and on my arms) and lips. The Cetaphil-Cerave-Aquaphor combo has been great. This week my scalp has been really itchy and a bit flaky so I'm doing a few Selsun Blue washes a week. I'm not sure how dosing works (if the dose goes up as the treatment progresses), but I have my first Doc appointment on Thursday, and we'll find out. Initially I broke out a bit, but suring this week my skin cleared COMPLETELY. Then last night I got home a little late (and I took my pill 4 hours late :() and then woke up with 2 small pimples on my left cheek, but they've gone down significantly today. Prom is next Saturday so hopefully I'll stay clear! Oh, almost forgot, This week I developed a new (very enjoyable) new symptom: joint pain. Mostly my back, but also my shoulders and knees. Till next week. Adios and good luck :]


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