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update on new breakouts



wel it looks better breakout have healed THOUGH i can steel feel bump under the skin where they were ughhh!! wel atleast theyre not hurting or anything.

the one on my cheek and chin have heaked leaving brown marks behind. the chin one still has a little bump but theres nothing i can do about it. also the one on my cheek has a bump when i touch it. now i dont know if i have to wait for the whole cycle again for it to come out or whether itl go on its own. only time will tell.

im doing the regimen still and spot treating those areas with an extra it of bp. i managed to zzap the one on my cheekbone before it came up with bp which is good and im happy about.

also ive been using more bp. usually when i go out i only put a small amout of bp all over face and then the whole moisturise and everything. and then do the regimen at night with 2 pumps of bp. this was a great combination for some but then i got the breakouts so upped the dose to 2 morning and 2 night and its been working. but my face is like the sahara dessert ughhhhh its flaky and everything which is equally upsetting. ordered the argan oil will be putting that soon if i have the ourage as im scared ill break out but lets see.

if i didnt have these breakouts again then my skin would have been fine. my other marks are very faint and light. i have a few minor scars on my right cheek which actually look better than before but they have their days. but im not too bothered about the scars on my right chee because theyre not so bad for me to get so conscious about.

thats all


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