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Dryness. Dryness. And more dryness.



So, even though I've been on The Regimen for almost two months, my face just started to peel/flake really bad for the last two weeks now. That's normal, I know. BUT what is really odd is my neck is SO DRY and ITCHY! I don't even put any BP or anything on my neck! And I've been trying to be really careful not to accidently get anything on my neck when I apply everything to my face. It seriously looks like I have shingles on my neck. People have even started commenting on it. Yikes!

So I put Dan's moisturizer/Jojoba oil on my neck to help soothe it. Is it working? It's been almost 3 days and my neck is still dry and itchy. Sigh. Other than that, my face is pretty much the same. The cyst I was talking about on my last post came to the surface and I popped it...bad, I know. But so tempting!! And I popped a pimple on my jawline that has been bothering me for awhile. I've been hoping it would go away. And now I feel another cyst under the skin on my left cheek now that is about to surface. Lovely. But overall, I'm not getting as many smaller pimples/breakouts that I would normally have. Especially since I was just on my periuod, and my face usually breaks out like crazy. So I think The Regimen helped to get me through it, lol.

So I got in Dan's cleanser & moisturizer, and I have to say, I'm loving the cleanser! The moisturizer is okay, not fantastic. It takes a while to absorb because its a tad greasy but I found if I add a few drops of Jojoba oil to it, it glides on much smoother.

My friends think I'm crazy because my skin really looks terrible right now ( :( ) BUT I told them I was going to stick with it! It gets worse before it gets better!

I guess during the summer I'll just have to be extra careful when I go out in the sun. Hopefully my skin will be a tad more adjusted to the BP by then.


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