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Day 19 - Claravis (Accutane)



What's new: Same old. New pimple on my jawline, which came yesterday, went last night.

My face: Face is still SO red. I think it's getting more red. Is it possible? Sure it is, it's Accutane. Who knows what's going to happen next. In the shower this morning I used a gentle exfoliator (Origin's Modern Friction) on my nose as I had such bumpy skin there since all the blackheads are just hanging out on the surface. And that smoothed it out/yanked some out? Not sure. And then new pimple on chinline came and went. Still red there from past ones. Added a layer of Cetaphil Cream in addition to my surge, last night before betime. For kicks. Had a moisturized face when I woke up.

Everything else: Noticing my throat is more dry - this just happened in the past two days. Throat was fine for the first two weeks. Noticing my back is just sore in general. I notice this loverly side effect when I'm slouching. It's reminding me to sit up straight. That's a positive side effect of Accutane for me (sore back means less slouching). There are not many, outside of the the clear skin, so I gotta call 'em out when I realize 'em. And it feels like it needs to be cracked more often. Nothing hard core, just leaning back will do it.

So that's it. Looking forward to the weekend; going out to a good sushi restaurant in DC (Perry's) then relaxing and catching up on How I Met Your Mother. My husband and I just started the TV series, so we're on season 1, via netflix. It's a good one.

Still hoping to find a good SPF in lip stuff. Anyone recommend one?


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