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Day 61



Directions on my cortisone cream: "Apply sparingly to scaling plaques twice a day until clear."

Scaling. Plaques.

Sounds delish! :doubt:

Even though the cream makes me sound like a reptile with leprosy (which at this point I basically am, I'm so covered in red flaky spots), it works. And it was cheap, too. Only $5 for five tubes of the stuff, and two refills afterward... that's fifteen tubes of cream. If I were on Accutane for the next three years I might need it, but I think it's a bit overkill...

Anyway, the proper name of the stuff is Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment USP, 0.1%.

In other news, another makeup-ish issue has arisen. Since I'm no longer wearing foundation my (genetic) under-eye circles are much more prominent. I know I'm broke, but I'm itching (hah!) to pick up some Benefit Erase Paste, or at least try it out at the nearest Sephora. Maybe I can scrounge up a sample from them. I've never tried it before but it's got great views on MakeupAlley and I'm desperate for something to cover my circles. I went to work the other day fully rested and got "wow, long night?" or "too early for you this morning?" for my entire shift. Again, it's just Accutane doing its part to make me look haggard. Whoopee. :(

At least my skin looks FANTASTIC.


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