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Stop washing your face?



I have struggled with drastically oily skin, over the past several years. Since the age of about 17, the oil secretion has increased steadily, to the point at which it exists today, at the age of 21. I began to see small pimples appear around my jaw line, shortly after the onset of this superfluous oil secretion. Looking back, these pimples and excessive oil, seemed to coincide rather conspicuously, with the commencement of facial cleaners, which I had began, due to barley noticeable blemishes I had prior to this. At the age of around 18, I took it upon myself to see a doctor, following the advice of my hypochondriac, prescription mad sister! I was prescribed differin cream and some antibiotic (of which the name slips mind). Thereupon, low and behold, my acne got a little bit worse and my skin got it little oilier; clearly I was on the right path I concluded. It gets worse before it gets better right? ........ A year later .......... I'm using the oil off my face to fry chips, and the puss from my CYSTS as mayonnaise (lovely thought). Obviously I'm horsing around, but this was now a possibility, if ever I was ever low on mayonnaise. At this point I’m almost 20 and my skin is an abomination. I have cysts on my neck and around my jaw line, blackheads on my nose and forehead and unbearable oily skin. My skin has become a ball and chain at this point, in which I have to cart around unwillingly, along with a bar of soap in my pocket. Long overdue, I realize here, I’m doing something wrong. I’m now 20 and I decide to make a change. I throw away my creams, washes, and lotions, and Flush my pills. I put down the weights I was lifting and put on my running shoes. Furthermore, drastic restrictions are made on my diet; I’m eating mostly fruits and vegetable etc. (Complaining about my itchy, oily and burdensome skin has become commonplace at this point. To which is met by many with a remark like “you need to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin.†To which I often reply, “how can one be comfortable one’s own skin, if one’s skin is literally uncomfortable?â€) Anyhow, I am washing my face (excessively) with only water at this point and strictly monitoring any possible skin irritants (which includes an endless list, which I’m sure many of you are familiar with). Results are variable. Cysts decreasing! Oil and blackheads increasing! This brings us up to the present. Still some shrivelled Cysts, in the neck and jaw area; the very same ones that have been there for about a year, albeit decreased in size. Skin as oily as ever, perhaps even more so.

I look at all the wild animals and people and notice none of them seem to struggle with this ailment (unless they do and I’m just ignorant of it). So here we are, I’m deciding to go all-natural. No washing AT ALL!! Lets see what tidings this little experiment brings. I shall update in intervals I find fitting, for anyone who is interested, or considering this route for themselves.

Thanks For listening



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