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March 24



I'm so ticked off at my face. I'm breaking out again!!!!!!!!!!! under my chin!!!! It's terrible. I'ts just so exhausting having to worry about my face day after day. I mean I'm so sick of water. To be honest. I wasn't much of a water drinker and my face was ok. I just hate the fact that I'm putting so much effort and my body doesn't want to work with me. I would assume that at the end my period I'm have less acne, put's it's the opposite. I woke up today suprise there they were!!! What the heck!!! I'm so bumbed out!! I saw the derm yesterday. Nothing new, kept me at same dosage, same regimen. He did say that my diet had nothing to do with acne. That there was no correlation, no evidence. The only concrete evidence was dairy. But I haven't been eating that. I guess I now have to watch what I eat. It's like being on a diet, which I hate. I can't lose weight, I'll look anorexic. Im at 120 and 5'3. When I was at 115, people thought I was sick or something. I guess I'll start writing a journal to see what aggrivates my face. I just don't understand, I haven't change my eating habits anyway. Gosh I'm so lazy, I honestly don't look foward to it.


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