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Apple Cider Vinegar



Ok, so after reading up on a bunch of peoples' success with Apple Cider Vinegar in lighening their hyperpigmentation, I thought I would add it to my regimen.

I know it's best to wait until you have active acne under control, as new pimples can cause new scars..but I did some research on using ACV for your face and it looks like it'll even help in drying up your pimples, so it's like a 2 in 1! Plus I havn't had too many pimples in the past few weeks and I have a BUNCH of red/brown marks so I don't think it would hurt to try to get rid of the marks already there, even if new ones appear.

So it looks like it's best to treat the ACV as a toner and am going to apply it with a cotton ball after I shower/wash my face then let it dry and apply my other topical treatments and see how it goes. Ive heard of different ratios for vinegar/water and I think I'm going to start at 2/3 ACV and 1/3 water for now, because my face is pretty tolerent and then gradually move towards just using pure ACV..

So I'll now also be discussing the improvment of my marks (hopefully, if there is any) wish me luck!


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