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Total health and running a marathon is similar to accutane



So I commented on Cat's blog (theCat25) today as she made such a great point about health, and how healthy you can really feel when you still have acne. So I wanted to post my comments here so I don't forget them when I'm all "totally" healthy and stuff - can't wait!

Cat's comments that made me think (I hope you don't mind)....

I figure that once the accutane kicks in, my face will look good and so will my body, and I'll feel really healthy again!

I was saying something like that to my husband, and he said something like I already AM pretty healthy, but it's hard to explain to someone who's never had acne how even if you're in tip top shape, it's hard to feel "healthy" without clear skin. Maybe it's more emotional health. IDK.

And how I feel....

Ditto. I feel the same way about working out now. It's like I have extra motivation to workout b/c I know (wish and wish and wish) that once the 5 months are through, I'll be healthy, in shape AND for the first time have clear skin, for good. Total health. It's a great motivator to work out. I never realized it, but you're right - I've never felt completely healthy b/c of my skin.

I may be the only one, but I've noticed that I have more confidence in my skin since starting Accutane, just knowing that soon I may have clear skin for good. It's so weird. It's like there's a hope now that I never knew I was without (or something). Sounds so serious, but it really is for people who have suffered far too long from a condition that others have no clue how much it effects the individual's confidence.

Also - I was just thinking that this Accutane stuff is a lot like running a marathon. If you've ever trained for one, and are on accutane I hope you know what I mean. For marathon training, everyone goes through their own tough parts, and at different times.

For some people it's the beginning when you have to get used to getting up every morning/or after work every night to do a 4-6 mile run. For others it's the 20 mile runs toward the end. For some it's sacraficing your weekend and cutting back on weekend celebrations (minimal drinking on Fri/Sat nights) in order to do the long weekend runs. For others it's knee pain, calluses, lost toe nails.

Even though there are painful times during marathon training, most (at least everyone I've encountered who has run one), at the end would go through the training again to have that feeling of crossing that finish line.

I have a feeling that I'll feel the same way about the end of accutane; it's going to be tough at times and really really tough at other times. But I think, for how I'll feel after I'm done, I'd do it all again to have clear skin and feel they way I'll feel. All speculation of course. I'm on day 18. Ugh, only day 18! Ok, that's enough pondering on acne today, geez.


I ditto to everything you just said! I have run a 10K for the first time last year and I am now going to put my training for that run that same as my accutate treatment. Ok I remeber the 1st month was torture. Similer to what I am dealing with now!

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Exactly! And similar to training for a long run, you find your routine in the training - and it becomes a part of you. Not that I again can really comment (day 18), but I think parts of the accutane treatment that I'm having to add to my daily to-do list, I'll hopefully keep with me post-accutane - like drinking a good amount of water every day, working out, eating healthier, moisturizing and using SPF. It feels like going on accutane kind of sets you up to live a healthier life after the treatment. I have this peachy outlook now, b/c I'm on day 18 with no IB. I'll have to remember to look back at these posts mid-IB. Thanks for commenting!!

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