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Early results!



So I know I said I wasn't going to post again for another week but I got some unexpected quick results.

Its only the morning of day 4 and my existing pimples are reduced from 80-90% and a couple are completly gone! I'm very excited about this because normally my pimples can take a week or 2 before they even just start to go away. (As a note I did find 1 new pimple on my chin but its very small and smooth and I only noticed it because I felt it)

I also must say that I have refrained from picking at them (which I am very OCD about and it took A LOT to not pick) so that may also have a big influence on why they are going away so quickly. I don't think it is yet to be a result of the Aldactone because 99% of the reviews on this site and others said it took 1-2 months to see any noticable results, with the quickest I saw being 3 weeks. But honestly I don't care if it's the medications or my lack of picking, I'm just happy it's working and I'm not going to change what I'm doing :(

Well...except I'm going to start only using BenzaClin in the AM until my skin has more time to adjust to it. My face is usually pretty tuff and can handle these types of drying medications very well but this one must be particularly harsh. Yesterday morning I put it on and i noticed my face was a bit pink for a while afterwards. I waited 20 min and put on my moisterizer and my face turned very red and it began to burn, but subsided after 10-15 min. Then another 20 min later I began putting on makeup and when I put on my concealer it began to burn again..but also soon subsided.

So I think my face just needs more time to adjust..

Well I guess I'll just post when I have something new to report..thanks for reading!


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