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update after aaages!! finally clear!!



I have not been on here for aaagges!! So I just wanted to come on and update about my situation. I am finally acne free!!

I am currently off all acne medication and my skin is doing well.

It has been 9 months since I have been off the birth control pill, and my skin is finally under control.

I am no longer using Epiduo or Clindamycin to manage my acne. I have weaned myself off both!

Currently, I am just using Manuka Honey(UMF 15+) as a mask every couple of days, and using Dermalogica cleanser and hydrating lotion. Nothing else. My skin is still oilier than when I was on the pill, but a lot better than when I first got off it. I think my hormones have finally balanced out, which is probably what has cleared out my skin. It is finally clear! I never thought I would see the day!! I am still nervous that it might stuff up again - but it's been good for the last 3 months so I am hoping it just stays that way.

This whole process of coming off the pill to try and conceive, and then dealing with my acne outbreak has been such a hard journey. In the process of trying for pregnancy, I have discovered that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This is a condition that causes hormonal imbalance, and affects ovulation and fertility. I was diagnosed with it today. I am very thin and so I don't fit the general criteria (PCOS women are usually overweight), and so was not diagnosed earlier. But I have discovered that PCOS was what caused my acne due to the hormonal imbalance!!!!!

That's what I wanted to let everyone know about on the blog today. Even if you are thin, you can have PCOS! If you are thin and have acne (particulary along the jaw / chin ), ask your doctor about it. I never would have thought I had PCOS (I don't have any of the symptoms except irregular periods - caused by the cysts, and acne) but there you go!

FINALLY i get to the bottom of my acne... after all these years. 10 long years!!!!

I just want to encourage you all to not ever give up hope - you will get through this. This website and all of your support has helped me a lot. Thank-you so much :(

"You are so much more that you know. You can create dreams even if you don't know what those dreams are." Goodluck everyone!


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