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Acne Scars



Ok I'm so glad I found this site where I can get some tips and advice on skin problems from people who have actually had skin problems.First of all I am a young adult and I suffer from acne scars.I tried everything.I even tried chemical peels and this helped but didn't make everything go completely away.However I don't have a single pimple on my face anymore.The only way I managed to get rid of all the pimples was to stop eating dairy products.I read somewhere that some people are unknowingly allergic to dairy and is sometimes the cause of their acne.So I tried it but I couldn't stay away from the cheese.That helped a lil but not much.Then after I went to this store this guy asked me what are all those marks on your face?What happened! I didn't know what to say so I just got out of there really quick.I was so embarraseed and humiliated.I'm 21 and still have to deal with this! Anyway I knew I had to do something so I gave up all dairy and all the pimples went away.It was and still is hard because I had to give up ice cream,cookies,cupcakes,milk,cheese or anything with cheese in it,chocolate milk,eggs yougurt and more.Its cool that I can actually rub my hand across my face now without feeling any bumps but I still have allot of brown acne scars and I'm fair skin so its pretty noticeable.Also when I was preg it was far worse.My hormones were ranging and one of the most embarrassing times of my life was when I was working as a cashier at this store and there was a long line and all the cashiers were at their registers ringing up people including me and I start ringing up this lady and this little boy starts staring at me an then he says why do you have all those spots on ur face.All out loud and everything.His parents were'nt really paying attention and the store was pretty busy but he just kept asking and asking.I just calmly ignored him and rang up his moms stuff so they could get the hell outta there.I just wanted to slap that lil boy!Also even though I don't have any bumps on my face my mom says that I need to go to the dermatologist.And I am going but I just don't fell like anything they do would help except laser resurfacing which they won't do on people of color because it can mess up their skin tones and leave them with a bunch of white spots instead of dark spots.I'm just kinda surprised that she mentions this after all the actual acne has gone away.It's like right when you think things are getting better somehow always has to point it out that you still don't have perfect skin.God I wish I had perfect skin! Anybody have any suggestions on how to get rid of dark spots b4 summer time?


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