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Start of week 12! More than halfway there!



Hello everyone! My husband and I are entering the downhill side of our Claravis treatment and we are very happy about that! :( We have not suffered much from outrageous side-effects; however, I would have to say the pain in the ass factor has been pretty high! :doubt:

Update: the skin on my face is very clear, with a few small, eraser size patches of dry skin that are thick and when pulled, leave raw spots, on my nose and forehead. A very few tiny blackheads. Dry eyes, chapped lips, dry scalp and hair never gets dirty. Body skin is dry, with dry patches on wrists, hands, shoulders and elbows. It is amazing how I haven't had Even a whitehead for almost two months, much less a cystic pimple.

My husband ALSO has very clear skin with lots of dryness and very chapped lips. He has had some body soreness, mostly after heavy exertion.

Products we use- that we consider essential, but we really haven't purchased anything different than we normally use except for Aquaphor.

Me : Aquaphor, Moroccan Oil hair serum, Cetaphil cleanser, Aveeno moisturizer, Cortisone Cream with Aloe

Hubby: Aquaphor, Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash, Gold Bond Lotion, Cortisone Cream with Aloe

Best of luck to everyone! We are headed to D.C. For a few days for my husband's conference and going to the Smithsonian over the weekend. Looking forward to it! I will update again next week!



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