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One Week In



Hello All,

I love all the sites out there with info but the one thing i would like is a step by step narration of the Oratane Journey! I decided to do this blog for any one else out there who is thinking of taking this drug so that this can be a full and complete point of reference for them! I will put up at least 1 post every week! So here goes :doubt:

I started taking Oratane on March 17 2011 following a massive breakout that gave my confidence a real life-size knock! (and i'm a confident person!!!) As the weeks go by, i will go into more detail about this turning point for me!

Day 1 and 2 were uneventful and showed no side-effects emerging! However since I had been warned about dry lips I was on that Blistex from the word go!!!

Day 3 I could definately feel the significant feeling of dryness in my lips! So I began applying the Blistex more often which gave me relief!

Day 4 and 5 the skin on my face was definately drier and began to itch sometimes!

Day 6- Oh my word!!! my eyes are sooooo dry and sore and a bit red in the evenings! This sucks because I have a huge assignment im working on so sore dry eyes are not in my favour!!!

But my GP warned me about this, so i gave him a call and he told me to get some artificial tears. My eyes were so dry that I had to leave the library and get the artificial tears pronto!!! Got home and got a friend to put them in! true relief i tell you!!! put some more in then took a nap! when i awoke they felt a bit better!

Also my skin is now very dry!and super itchy! but i really didn know what to use as a moisturiser on my face!!! I was using my usual clearasil spot-preventing moisturiser but wanted to ditch this as GP had said no harsh supermarket products. So off to the pharmacy where i have discovered an amazing product!!! It EXFOLIAC RECONSTRUCTIVE CREAM, its specifically for people on Isotretinoin! And man it provides true relief! its great! You get it at the Pharmacy and it cost's R165.50. So it's pricier than the other options like Neutrogena and them but i liked the fact that its for people on Oratane so its desigend for us and its ingredients prove this!

By the way, I am an exercise junkie! i gotta have my cardio and strength training man!!! I have put the weights on hold and I am just doing my cardio since the info leaflet says to avoid heavy exercise. I am a spinning instructor so that's non-negotiable right now anyway since that's how I am paying for this expensive treatment!

But yah, i am feeling that soreness in my body! thought it was over-training at first but I know its the Oratane coz i'm pretty fit!

Day 7 - woke up for my group run today!!! I had night sweats???bodyaches and sore joints!!! Damn this stuff is strong!!! I almost opted out of my run! but after the group had left i realised that I had to suck it up and try and live my normal life as much as i can, inspite of the symptoms!!! so off i went!!! and i felt really good as i ran! still on the sore side of things but there is a greater goal here!!!!

Oh, and my lips feel like......i can't really describe it! but it aint a good feeling! they feel tight and dry and tingly, even with all the Blistex I layer on! its quite annoying! My lips are also swollen this morning! aaaah man! I just dont want to have chapped, and bleeding lips though!!! so Im am going to be as diligent as i can about keeping them soothed and covered in Blistex!

As for my acne, right now i don't really see much difference.(maybe worse). I am trying not to focus on my face right now, since chances are it may have to get worse before it gets better!

That's all for now, will keep you posted! :(

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Hi!I was wondering if you have any idea if i can buy EXFOLIAC RECONSTRUCTIVE CREAM in Australia??I am desperate to find something that works!!Hope u can help :-

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