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Day 52



Three new spots (two near the chin/lower lip and one on the forehead) and i'm so puzzled as to why this has happened. I'm getting thorougly fed up of this diet and i'm giving it up at the end of the month :(

All i had yesterday to eat and drink was the usual; water, rice cakes and rice milk (also almond milk) sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes with veg, chicken, two eggs, and...thats about it!!!

Have finished my capyrilic acid supplements which were a waste of time even at maximum strength and dose; I didnt feel any of the supposed die off symptoms one usually gets with them which is suspicious to me. Still my immune system should be stronger for all these anti fungals i've been taking.

I have made the decision to really cut down on my supplement use in the next few weeks as i've taken a moderate amount of them over the past few months and i cant say that things have improved to any great extent. It will be interesting to see if my acne gets worse as a result or, as i suspect, it stays at a similar level.


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