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First Blog



Well this blog is mainly for my benefit so I can track my progress on my new regimen, but obviously everyone is welcome to read to see how I do in case you are interested in any of the products I'm using. And as a side note, if anyone is interested, all 3 are prescriptions so if you want them you'll need to talk to you doctor..

That being said, i'll give you a little info on myself. I'm a 20-year-old female who has delt with acne since my mid teens. It was never too severe but I deffinitly needed to wash my face everyday and use topical OTC medications to keep it under control. When I was 17 or 18 I started taking birthcontrol and my acne was almost all gone, but last July I went off bc for a few months and I got some pretty severe acne, worse than I ever had before. I think it was about Jan. that I got back on it and I'll say my acne is not as severe as before but its deff. not as good as it was when I was on it before.

Also the worst part of it is it's left me with some pretty terrible hyperpigmentation so that even when im not breaking out too bad (a pimple or 2) it still looks like I have active pimples all over my cheeks..very frustrating.

But before I can treat the hyperpigmentation I have to make sure that I no longer have any active acne and that lead me to going to a dermatologist for the first time. (Even though it was annoying he had to remove one of my freckles because it was darker than the rest :/) but he prescribed me with a benzoyl peroxide wash, BenzaClin to use in AM/PM, Differin to use in PM, and a pill called aldactone (since I don't want to take an antibiotic as I am taking the pill for contraception purposes) 50mg once a day. From what I've read online this drug has worked wonders for many women out there, but for hormonal acne and I'm not 100% convinced my acne is hormal. We shall see.

So since I've only been on this regimen for 2 full days theres not much to report on as far as my acne goes. I do have a new tiny pimple this morning which is annoying but I'm not going to get discouraged, almost everyone on the topical stuff said your skin goes through "purging" where it gets worse before it gets better.

So I'll be updating on a weekly basis to report my progress as well as uploading pics under the album "New derm., new regimen :(" if anyone would like to see the visual progress or just put a face to a name.

Cya next week!


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