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Week 17 /11LJ/10 BADmask /9 LP and Vitex /3 new supplements and carrots spf/ Week 1 new sulfur soap



Skincare: castile soap. sulfur soap. clarisea scrub and salts. grape seed oil. Witch hazel to remove mmu. Carrot spf on right side.

Supplements: .5 tsp codliver oil. 1 natures. .5. tsp evening primrose oil. 1-2 vitex. 4 tbs LJ.

3/26/11 MORNING: nature's.

AFTERNOON: new sulfur soap on for 6 minutes. vitex. grape seed oil and carrot spf.

NIGHT: soak in 3 scoops for 4 min. .5 scoop patted on face. interrupted with clarisea scrub. grape seed oil. aha on spots. codliver and primrose oils. 4tbsp LJ.

3/25/11 MORNING: nature's.

AFTERNOON: clarisea scrub on for 9 minutes. vitex. grape seed oil and carrot spf.mmu.

EVENING: codliver oil, primrose oil.

NIGHT: 20 minute soak in 2 cups (.5 added halfway) clarisea scrub on for 5 minutes between. aha on spots. grape seed oil. 4tbsp LJ.

3/24/11: MORNING: nature's. rinse off sulfur mask spots.

AFTERNOON: carrot spf

NIGHT: sulfur soap on for 70 minutes. aha on spots. grape seed oil. codliver oil, primrose oil, 4tbsp LJ.

3/23/11 MORNING: natures. clarisea scrub on for 6 minutes in shower. grape seed oil.

NIGHT: sulfur soap on for 55 minutes. sulfur mask on spots. codliver oil. 4tbsp LJ

3/22/11 AFTERNOON: nature's.

NIGHT: sulfur soap. codliver oil and primrose oil. 4tbsp LJ.

3/21/11 MORNING: carrot spf

AFTERNOON: nature's

3/20/11 MORNING: mmu.

AFTERNOON: castile, castile, witch hazel. nature's.

NIGHT: sulfur soap for 5 minutes. grape seed oil.


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