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A little rant about the industry



Thinking back on my acne life so to speak, I am surprised that dermatologists themselves did not do more for me than they did. My first one prescribed me tetrocycline, and that did not work. He said to keep taking them, it would eventually work. three months later, no improvement and it messed up my bodies natural probiotics and such... Did not go back there.

The second one gave me retin A, and told me to take some fancy pill from canada with no generic that costed 400 dollars a refill (30 day). Obviously, I did not go for it, but used the retin a topically with no real results.

If I had no real results from either of these man made products, why did they not ask about diet and stuff like that. Nutrition. Acne, from my studies, is more and more your bodies response to your diet, be it lactose intolerant, allergic to wheat, deficiency of minerals, etc etc. So why do dermatologists look for the superficial way to cure acne, rather than hitting the source. I mean, they are doctors and very very smart, but why not try a diet approach or possibly blood tests to see what is going on?

Really smart dermatologists. why would they not consider this approach. It angers me that I had to spend 4 years without a treatment, and FINALLY, it looks like I have found something that works for me. Many people have this same experience, and if you are one of them, consider researching a healthier alternative.

But hey, this is coming from me, so maybe I am nieve. But to get this great of results this fast without relying on any topical treatments(apart form BP), is mind blowing. at the end of this week, I will try and post a picture to show you guys this is not BS. It is astonishing to look in the mirror in the morning and actually smiling, rather than assessing damage control.


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