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Day 16 - Claravis



What's new: Cyst brewing on my chin (only active pimple). Pimple cluster on neck/lower chin are dried out. Peely spots on chin.

My face: Not a whole lot is new besides the cyst I can feel in the middle of my chin. It's not very big right now, but I think it hurts b/c it's kinda close to my lip. The pimples that keep coming and going around my chin/neck region are all on their way out. No new ones there. Woke up with dry eyes, but blinking a few times did the trick.

I got the Avene Thermal Spring Water yesterday and the stuff is good. It's refreshing and makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated. Spritzed it on face after washing face last night (before moisturizing), after working out this morning before shower, and then after shower. I like it. Spritzed it on my husband, he didn't like it. Figures. Boys.

Everything else: Similar to Cat25, I had a small bout of insomnia a couple nights ago. I quickly tagged it with Accutane side-effect, but it isn't. It's a side effect of drinking way too much water before going to bed, then waking up in the middle of the night b/c had to go pee. Then not being able to fall back asleep (and then worried that can't fall back to sleep, etc.). So....not going to drink a lot of water before bed. Tested that out last night, and cured.

Everything else is good. Keeping lips moisurized, body too. Using shampoo every other day, conditioning every day. Scalp is not as itchy (morracon oil).

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