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Day 75- Spoke to soon!



Yesturday I bloged how I have not had anything to pick or pop in 2 weeks...well this morning I had a nice BIG white head screaming POP ME PLEASE! I should of know better then to say those blasted words...I just jinx myself :( Oh well...I also have a BIG cyst pimple on my neck...it hurts so bad, but there's nothing I can do about it....

Besides those two, my face looks pretty clear. There still alot of red marks and dark spots...and patience is a virtue when it comes to those....

My skin is still not dry....at least not like others that I read about....

The only thing dry is my lips and my hair....That's it...I think one of the reasons why I'm not as dry is the Avacado I eat everyday. YES I eat One avacado daily! I LOVE IT since it's my fat content that I take with my AM and PM pill LOL. :doubt:

hmmmm I wonder if that's why I'm not dry at all :( Any thoughts????


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