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Day 59



AAH! So this morning when I stepped out of the shower, I saw myself in the mirror and holy hell... my torso is covered in eczema! Why I haven't noticed until now, I don't know. Accutane is just king of surprises I guess. Later tonight I'm definitely picking up the cortisone cream Rx. I am sooo itchy even after applying Eucerin everywhere.

On the plus side, the CeraVe moisturizers and cleanser are great. I was able to apply a bit of foundation, along with blush and bronzer. My face is glowing. :( This never would have been possible pre-tane.

KC31, it really is strange how everyone reacts to Accutane differently. I am dry as a prune at this point and you're the opposite, but we're both clearing up. Weird! But good! Being clear is all that matters. :doubt:


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