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Day 58. Beginning of month three!



Derm appointment was this morning! A few notes:

1. My blood work came back "perfect," lucky me.

2. I told her my skin was getting very very flaky, especially on my upper lip/under my nose, and on my eyelids. "Yeah, I can see that" she said. "We're sucking all of the oil out of you. It's only going to get worse. Much worse!" And then I swear she cackled. -_________-

3. So basically, there is no hope for me in the foundation department since just keeping my skin moisturized is going to be my new 24/7 mission. She gave me a bunch of free CeraVe samples: cleanser, moisturizer, and a heavier night time moisturizer. I'm going to try the day moisturizer before I go to work tonight. I don't like having flaky skin. It just looks so unprofessional.

4. Those dry patches on my arms and hands? Yeah, it's full-blown eczema, she said. I didn't even realize it was that bad. She wrote me a script for a cortisone cream to stop the itch. I almost didn't even fill it, since I'm scared of how much it's going to cost. And I'm broke. :/ Oh well, it's going on credit for now (I know, bad bad bad habit to start. Don't follow my example).

5. I'm staying on 40 mg/day of Amnesteem. One pill with my biggest meal of the day.

That's about it. On to month three... shit's about to get serious.

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Is funny how different each experince is from person to person with accutane. I have been tracking your blog since we have been in treatment about the same time.....and I have no dry patches and my face is not even that dry. I moisterize twice a day and I still have to blot the oil in the morning. I'm on 80 mg a day....I'm not sure why I won't dry...My derm is super surprise and reading your blog makes me think if there's something wrong with my skin lol Or are my oil glands that HUGE that they won't shrink.... :- The only thing that is dry is my lips...WARNING TIM (also down there.....) :doubt: I wish you the best....Good Luck! Have you tried cetaphil moisterizer? That's what I use....

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