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Day 50



Disappointed. My scars never seem to diminish in terms of redness (or rather they do for awhile and then they get re-inflammed again) ALWAYS have red hyperpigmentation marks just below the lips.

I sat wide awake last night doing a lsit of things that i've tried to help me overcome my battle with acne. These include

Changing pilliow cases often, quitting diet cokes (have had a little success on this one i must admit) Apple cider vinegar tabs and garlic make no difference. Vitamin C, b-complex, Vitamin B5, cod liver oil, probiotics, and multi vitamin the same. Niacin was probably the best thing i ever took for inflammation but your body just gets used to it after a few weeks.

On the bright side i've yet to try milk thistle, ginger, aloe vera juice, msm, Vitamins A and D.

I hope i'm free of this disease one day, i'm doing all i can do to fight it :(


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