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Day 10



SO the first thing I have to say is I had a pretty good size pimple sprout up on my chest two days ago, well I was just washing my face/chest this evening before bed and it exploded... leaving behind a good little hole :( I've never had "ch-acne" before, but I guess it's from the accutane?...

Now on to my face. There was a little area of blackheads on the upper end of my cheek bones that I have had for a year or so... I had grown quite used to them. Well, I woke up this morning and they're GONE! I don't know where they went, but they're no longer on my face! Score 1 ACCUTANE :doubt:

The cluster, yes, cluster of cysts on my right cheek are still hanging around. It sucks because the ring leader LOVES to ooze, so I'm constantly checking it. :(

My left chin still has some small zits. No cysts thank goodness.

I can feel a couple small bumps forming on my left cheek, but nothing big.

I really hope this is going to be the IB, but I'll keep you posted.

My face as a whole is very RED :( <-- like that. Not dry at all, with the exception of my eye lids.


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