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skin still lookin not good i just hope i can get past these breakouts and that i dont have anymore coming up because i dont think i can deal with anymore seriously it too drAINING!!!

i dont know what to say about the clinique spot gel. i obviously put it on but i kept getting the urge to peel it once it was dry then i applied some more and peeeled until my skin became raw and started throbbing so you can imagine the trauna ive done to my chin!!!!

so this morning i put mario badescu drying cream on had a shower and some more skin peeled off. but ive made it look so disgusting and it pains so much that ive dapped alot of emu oil to heal the top wound for the most part its too deep to do anything else

the one on my cheek. welll all i can say is thank god i put aha because in the morning a there was a little head on it, i left it and then it kindof got bigger and i thought i could pop it so after the shower i popped it and dapped it until no stuff was coming out did the regimen obviously avoided thee areas as i ddint want the spots to spread. though i dont think i fully popped it because i can see a little head thats just forming. oh well atleast it has got a head and isnt deep under i dont think. pff it still hurts a little to the tough though :( ive dabbed emu oil on it toheal it.

the one on my cheek bone is doing i dont know its just red and whatnot, ive been blobbing bp on it though. in the morning i mite spot treat it with aha. well see.

please please face :doubt: dont break out anymore i beg of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i might start looking into niacin, msm ive vaguely read about them and dont know much so i might start taking them along with the usual which i take regulalrly such as vitamin e, zinc, vit d, evening primrose oil.

i might also start looking into th eolay regenerist night moisturiser as ive read in these forums but im still abit iffy about them right now.

that is all.


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