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Acne :/



Hi all,

First off I'm 19 years old, almost 20 and I have been suffering from acne since I was about 16 years of age, nothing serious at all. I would get a pimple here and there up to the age of 18. I read somewhere in someone's blog (I forgot who, sorry) but that person stated, "We all start with one pimple, then we start using OTC drug store products and we are essentially worsening the problem." I was so worked up over one pimple that by "trying to fix the problem" I was only irritating it furthermore. Sure, some products help with reducing the swelling and pain but the pimples eventually come back.

I have seriously tried so many products that it's just plain ridiculous. I have spent a lot of money and time on what seems an endless effort in trying to get my skin back. The frustration and disappointment accumulated by trial and error time and time again is only piling up.

I'm currently on the birth control pill (Ortho tri-cyclen lo) and it's been 1 month and 12 days. I'm also on Doxycycline 100MG, and Retin-A cream 0.1%, I have been on those two for 13 days. I have not seen any results, my skin is still looking bad, if not worse :/. I know it takes time and all but I would of expected at least SOME change, especially from the birth control pill since I've been using it for almost 1 1/2 months now.

I'm really starting to doubt the products and yesterday I nearly quit. I honestly think that my problem is specifically hormonal acne. I suppose I'll have to suck it up and continue with my regimen until my next appointment with my dermatologist. :/


(Ortho tri-cyclen lo)= Been on it for: 1month 12 days. I think I'm only going to give it 2 more weeks.

Doxycycline 100MG= Been on it for: 13 days. Might just finish the month.

Retin-A cream 0.1% = Been on it for: 13 days. Might just finish the month.



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