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My First Couple Days and Observations



Hey guys. I just wrote that terribly long essay, and if you read it, props to you. Here are my initial notes on my journey, and some are repetitive, but here are the first couple entries.


Just bought tons of vitamins. Looking to document my stuff and imprivement with acne; After research, I found these things and decided to do a crazy al out combo.

• Vitamin A; as beta ceratine for eyes skin and immune function. Antioxidant

• Vitamin C; immune function

• Vitamin E; heathy heart, overall support circulatory

• Zinc(with c) lozenges; my favorite one of the lot. High hopes for this one.

• Fish oil(omega 3) balance me out

• Garlic; ya

• Milk thistle Complex; used to clear out liver(attributing to acne)

All one time daily( ex zinc 2x)

Here we go!

Wash face with soap 2x and BP. After a bit may switch to aloe vera and tea tree oil.


face looked better, no new acne sport, but the right side of my face is kinda bad. Ance underneath came to the top, but looks like it is clearing faster… we shall see.

• zinc garlic and omega 2x

Picked at my face. Bad bad. Was more conscious of touching face. I believe worst touching hair/scratch head and ten face. No good. Cut fingernails tomorrow.

I want acne gone by Friday… merh. Thinking positively, DRINK MORE WATER!


skipped a day, but some cool things to report. My lingering acne of about 2 or more weeks is fading and coming to a head. My acne would just “sit†on my face and not heal, no matter what. I know its gross and controversial, but I was able to pop one and let the healing cycle commence.

The right side of my face that was previously so bad is not as bad now. Still have residual acne coming to the surface that was underneath before treatment. A couple VERY VERY small pimples came up that was not there before I started, so that is encouraging. Left side looks better than it has in probably 6 months. Some high acne on upper check, but very minimal. Very excited.

Almost forgot to take 3rd garlic pill. Helpful hint, keep zinc lozenges in coin pocket of jean if wearing them. Anything you eat something, you can pop the pill in afterwards and call it good.

Still mild soap 2x with less amount of BP than normal. Skin actually looks like it has more color, which is nice because I am kinda pale. Kep on keeping on

There it is. My acne blog. Hope this helps tons of people, as it looks like it is helping me :(


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