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The Explination



One more blog to try and shed some light on a commonly held problem in this community. A very very simple and relatively cheap way of controlling acne.

Like everyone out there, it seems like I have tried most everything, without going to the extreme of Accutain.Antibiotics, retinal, creams, BP, different face washes, etc etc and the list goes on in on. I first went on Dan's regimin about a year and a half ago. It helped me a bit, but never perfectly combatted my acne. I flet more like reacting and trying t cover up the always eventual acne break out. Not fun. Like all of you know, or you would not be reading this.

After about 4 years af having moderate acne and getting some relief with the regimin, I was looking(and still currently am) looking for the perfect balance and magic formula, nothing has lasted more than a month, and I quickly become desensitized and acne comes back.

After taking a physiology class, I figured I have tried everything under the sun on external treatments. Acne, still to this day not fully understood why and what factors increase the amount of acne, has to come from a reaction inside of your body to produce this. It can be argued that outside irritants block pours and such, but I am now tending to lean on internal treatment of a possible problem of lacking the proper supplements to have the entire bodily system working as a cohesive group, not just slathering something on your face and pray like hell it heals quickly.

In summation and after many, many hours of looking around and also applying my somewhat limited knowledge of how the human body functions, I decided that vitamin supplements were the easiest and most likely to stick to plan of attack. If everyone ate a proper diet everyday, most likely this type of measure would not be necessary. But to the 99 percent of us that don't, this is a standard and easy way to ensure nutrients are being delivered.

Sorry to drag you all the way through that bunch of talk, but i want to present my thinking and methodology of this blog/test. The list of vitamins i am currently taking along with a simple explination are as follows;

Vitamin A; 25,000 IU AS 15mg beta-Carotene: Essentially, it is a fat-soluble vitamin that when taken in the form of beta-Carotene, can not be harmful since it is not enzamatically tweaked by the body yet. Found in natural food, and if your body doesn't need it, we dont use it. Used for reparing cell damage, growing in skin, hair, nails, etc. also, general antiaxidant for immune system.

Vitamin C; 500mg as ascorbic acid:Everyone has head of this. General immune system booster and just a good supplement to take. Some studies show other vitamins work better in conjunction with C.

Vitamin E; 400IU: It has been dubbed the "skin healing" vitamin, and some people on this site have had some success with it. Why not?

NOW is when the NON traditional supplments come in...

Milk Thistle Complex (with dandelion, fennel and licorice); This is solely to promote healthy liver function. The liver is most often overlooked, and is one of the most important organs in the body, especially for nutrient and metabolism and all that jazz. If you are going through the effort of getting proper vitamins and such, your liver should be up to snuff!

Garlic; 400mg in capsule form: While some people claim that the only way to take this for health benefits is raw crushed cloves, I could not handle that. So, supplement. This was actually interesting and showed up a number of times in my research, and not very many people have hard evidence why it would combat acne. However, since the regularity of people having success, why not try it out, while also supporting a healthy heat and cholesterol levels.

And the two most important in my opinion...

Zinc; in the form of lemon lozenges 23mg; Zinc is an amazing nutrient that has had many studies on it and has had many good results. Dan also gives a good blurb about it

antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, good all around. Make sure to follow directions! too much is poisonous, and do not take on empty stomach, it will make you nauseous.

Fish Oil; ONLY omega 3 fatty acid. 360mg EPA and 240mg DHA; I would really persuade anyone taking omega fatty acids to ONLY take omega 3, since most people get more than enough omega 6, usually in the range of 5:1 ar more, way out of the balance of our ancestors of close to 1:1 ratio. Research this topic, because there are no definitive answers, but most people are severely omega 3 fatty acid deficient.

So there it is folks. Now, i take A,C,E once daily. Milk thistle and fish oil twice daily, and zinc and garlic three times daily. Make sure to follow what the directions say ont he bottle due to different amounts per dosage and such. Just to cover my bases I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND TRY THIS SUPPLEMENTATION AT YOUR OWN RISK! I do not claim responsibility and have showed you step by step the process of what I have to come to conclude as a decent synthesis of what supplements to take . I have no idea your situation, nor can i offer you any advice on the matter pertaining to your own personal plan. For the record, I am a healthy male 19 year old college student who can run 10 miles, just stating this model for my own personal health level.

As a side note, I do drink green tea, have given up coffee everyday, and drink apple cider vinegar from time to time. These in of themselves have not figured out my problem, but could be contributing factors to my situation.

I will keep updating this. I started this about 4 days ago, and have put down my initial blog entries elsewhere. I will post these as next time. I have never done this before, but the quick improvement in my skin has lead me to believe this is the proper way to trea this frustrating situation. Thanks for giving me a pulpit acne.org!

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I love your posts...thank you, very thorough and helpful!!! love button. I went through them all and I feel like I'm reading my life. sort of, some parts. I totally feel you on the whole anxieties of not keeping up with vitamins (mainly because we know of the outcome). I have been on a similar diet twice, each times with awesome outcomes then once becoming clear i would stop, or not be as disciplined (i'm clear no need right?) BIG MISTAKE. I could have saved myself so much scars if i stayed healthy but the breakouts each time i strayed has cause significant damage. You are definitely on the right track. Acne is an internal problem (many different root causes, but still internal) a balanced diet helps. No topical or overdosing on Vitamin is really going to help, they instead destroy your body and make it worse. So yeah man. thank you for your posts. Inspires myself to keep up with it.

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