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Month 4



I guess for most people, they'll be pretty clear n bubbly in month 4. For me, it's different.

But anyways, I'm still thankful that, there's no active acne on my face currently, which is itself a blessing for what horrible situations i've been through. thanks Dan. thanks Hotglue and anybody who gives me support when i needed it the most. People who don't struggle with acne have no idea how much it damage it can do to your life. Honestly, I had no life whatsoever when my acne was really really bad. Things are getting better now, thank god :( Thank sherry for pray for me and caring about my wellbeing. :doubt:

So I'm still dealing with dry skin now, My skin won't stop flaking me out. But again, it's getting better :( I use almost 4/5 finger length of BP on my cheeks alone at night, and a lil less in the morning. I stay up a lot lately but I think BP's really keeping my acne at bay. I feel so sure about my life now for I know what to expect :( Thanks Dan, you are such an angel.

I wear makeup daily, for around 8 hours a day. ALmay smart shade n maybelline mineral powder. For anyone who used makeup out there. DON"T USE L'OREAL MINERAL BLUSH. It broke me out big time! I checked its content one day seeing Iso something on it, knowing it would break my skin out according to Dan's video on makeup. So~

Wish me luck

God bless our earth.

Japan, hang on.

Peace out!


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