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getting worse!!! :(



as if it wasnt bad enough enough im gettingone on my cheek bone now too!!!! FML!

this is so fkin annoying im so done with this s :(

the one on my chin isnt doing anything infact it still hurts and is sore!!!!! not to mention the massive ugly colour of it like ive burnt it with a cig!!!eurghh

also the one one my cheek loos the same these are big nasty one that hurt that are sore big with no f head and nothing seems to do the job.

for my chin today ive been spot treating it with cliniqie spot treatment gel thing, i dunno if its wokring or not or whether its too early to tell.

my cheek one ive spot treated with aha but i dunno if itl make much of a difference as aha is best when a spot just comes up and have this one lingering for ages.

the one on my cheek bone ive just spot treated wit bp.

lets see which method works best. other areas ive done the regimen as per usual.

i dunno why im breaking out surely i should be clear by now been on the regimen for about 9 months now!!!! ive had ups and down with it so i dunno.

my right cheek is clear touch wood. but thats probably because ive had my constant breakouts on that side before the regimen and ive dealt with the outbreak maybe i have to wait it out and keeo doing the regimen on my left side too? who knowsss

anyways i realy realy hope i dont get more spots my skin is looking a mess as it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant even use cover up on these nasties it will loook blatant and flaky and sore and just disgusting.i want to hide in a black cave and not come out till my skin clears!!

going to try stay home and kill these suckers!!!!


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